Members of the Board of EFN-CANADA


Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy (Canada) Inc  is directed by a Board of Directors, composed of 10 members.


Honorary Member:

James Lovelock

  • Fellow of the Royal Society, research scientist
  • famous author and environmentalist.
  • Doctor Honoris Causa of several universities throughout the world,
  • he is one of the founders of environmental awareness. He is the author of the fruitful Gaia theory, presented in The Ages of Gaia (1979), The Gaia Theory (1988), and The Revenge of Gaia (2006) in which the surface of the Earth, its atmosphere, biosphere and oceans, and their interactions are considered as a single self-regulating organism.

Quote: "I am a Green and I entreat my friends in the movement to drop their wrongheaded objection to nuclear energy (...) We have no time to experiment with visionary energy sources; civilisation is in imminent danger and has to use nuclear -- the one safe, available, energy source -- now or suffer the pain soon to be inflicted by our outraged planet."

More about James Lovelock


Honorary Chair:

Patrick Moore

Patrick MOORE, PhD
  • He grew up and still lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • He was one of the founders of Greenpeace in 1971.
  • Was the director of Greenpeace International during 7 years, as well as the founder and President of Greenpeace Canada during 9 years.
  • He left Greenpeace because he disagreed with its methods.
  • In 1990 he founded Greenspirit, focusing on global environmental issues including climate change, forests, biodiversity, energy, and sensible environmentalism.

More about the Honorary Chair of EFN-CANADA

See Patrick Moore's video interview at the headquarters of EFN in Houilles in 2014






Vice-President Canada:


Michael Stephens, PhD
  • Manager of Strategic Planning for the Federal Nuclear Legacy Liabilities Program at AECL Sites
  • BSc in Chemistry and Physics from the University of Waterloo
  • PhD in Theoretical Chemistry from McMaster University
  • Two-year NATO post-doctoral fellowship in quantum chemistry in Paris
  • Eight years as an international civil servant in reactor safety at the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency in Paris
  • IAEA consultant expert in radioactive waste management, decommissioning, and related management systems
  • Chair of the Canadian Standards Association Technical Committee on the Decommissioning of Facilities containing Nuclear Substances
  • Former Chair of the Canadian Nuclear Society Environment and Waste Management Divisions


Vice-President International Liaison:


Bruno COMBY, X-80, DSc-ENSTA
  • He is a graduate of the highly respected Ecole Polytechnique in Paris.
  • Holds a higher degree in nuclear engineering from the National University of Advanced Technology in Paris.
  • Well known European environmentalist, author of 8 bestselling books on natural health, a sustainable lifestyle and ecology (over a million readers in 15 languages).
  • Independent researcher, acclaimed international lecturer.
  • He grew up in Alberta where his father was one of the first oil exploration geologists searching for oil and gas in Northern Canada in the 1960's.
  • Drives an electric car and lives in a self-built eco-house.
  • He is also the founder and Scientific Director of the Bruno Comby Institute since 1993 which promotes preventative health and a more natural lifestyle.
  • Founder in 1996 and current President of EFN-INTERNATIONAL.
  • Cofounder of EFN-USA in 2003.

More information about the President of EFN-INTERNATIONAL

See his book Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy (published in English, as well as in French, Japanese, Chinese, etc.).


. Vice-President North American Liaison:

Berol Robinson

  • Graduated in nuclear physics from the Johns Hopkins University
  • Environmentalist
  • Former international civil servant (science officer) at UNESCO
  • He was one of the first to drive a Toyota Prius.
  • Berol ROBINSON was the President of EFN-USA from 2003 to 2013.

Read his paper about hydrogen, his letter to the IHT and his paper The benefits of nuclear energy


That's it for the officers!

The other members of the Board of EFN-CANADA are (alphabetical order):



Gérard Declerck

  • He is a former manager of a radiation laboratory in France
  • In 1998 he moved to Canada and shortly thereafter joined AEPN-INTERNATIONAL (then, of course, he became a member of the newly-formed EFN-CANADA)
  • He lives in Québec.


Romney Duffey

Romney DUFFEY, PhD
  • Dr. Romney Duffey is The Principal Scientist with AECL.
  • He is Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and presently is Chair of the Nuclear Engineering Division, an active Member of the America and Canadian Nuclear Societies, and a past Chair of the American Nuclear Society Thermal Hydraulics Division.
  • He has organized and chaired numerous international Conferences. He is active in global environmental and energy studies, and in advanced system design, and is currently leading work on advanced energy concepts.
  • See the 1998 article (Getting to Know AECL's Principal Scientist) by Jeremy Whitlock on Romney Duffey
  • article on the NuWind system by Romney Duffey and Alistair Miller


David Sanborn Scott

David Sanborn SCOTT, PhD
  • Dr. Scott is a professor at the University of Victoria in the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Dr. Scott is a Vice President (for the Americas) of the International Hydrogen Energy Association and has written some forty articles and essays for the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
  • He states that he thinks "our moist blue panet is doomed (or at least civilization that is its passenger is doomed) without the MASSIVE and rapid deployment of nuclear power -- first for electricity generation and later for the cogeneration of electricity and hydrogen" (in what he calls the "hydricity age").


John K. Sutherland

  • Dr. Sutherland is a retired health physicist. He provides training in radiation protection and occasionally teaches at the University of New Brunswick.
  • He worked with radiation for almost 20 years in the non-nuclear industry, and then spent 20 years in various aspects of radiation protection at a CANDU nuclear power plant, while managing the environmental radiation monitoring program and providing a dosimetry monitoring program for about 600 employees.
  • He now has his own consulting company. He writes about many science-related issues, including energy in general, radiation, radiation protection, and nuclear power, and provides courses to nuclear workers, university students, high school teachers, members of industry, and emergency responders. He develops training materials for the CANDU reactor and teaches a university course 'Nuclear Safety and Reliability' to graduate and undergraduate engineers. He has also written extensively on Nuclear Cycles, Nuclear Wastes and associated energy issues.
  • He is especially interested in the history and development of the world-wide nuclear industry; the medical uses of radiation; and in the many health studies related to the uses of radiation over the last 100 years.
  • He is a member of the Scientific Committee of EFN-INTERNATIONAL.


Gary Lewis photo



Merike Lugus photo

Merike LUGUS, MA
  • She was a founding member of EFN-CANADA and from 2006 to 2007 was a member of the Board of Directors and the Secretary-Treasurer in order to help get things started.
  • She is a painter, sculptor, poet, and novelist.

  in Memoriam : Founder and past President (until 2009) of EFN-CANADA

Rodney Anderson photo

  • After his life as a chartered accountant, he retired as a poet, writer, consultant, and composer.
  • He founded EFN-CANADA in 2006: "Now, retired, what I would really like to do, personally, is to spend most of my remaining time, as a late beginner, composing music. But when I look at my five grandsons, I wonder what sort of world we're about to leave to their generation - which is what prompted me to look at the important goals of EFN and led me to the creation of EFN-CANADA..."
  • He remained President until 2009, and Jerry CUTTLER then became the second President of EFN-CANADA.
  • Rod died in 2014 : thanks so much Rod, for all you did and for creating EFN-CANADA. Rest in Peace.


Some other members, founders and leaders of EFN :


arrow VICE-PRESIDENT OF EFN International :

Gerard Martin, vice-president of EFN,
                    photoGerard MARTIN

Human radiobiology and radioprotection expert, engineer in nuclear physics, graduate of the Radium Institute, the National University  of Advanced Sciences and the University of Radioelectricity  in France, former radiobiology professor, former head of the human and environmental radiobiolgy unit at the CEA (120 persons), former head of department of dismantling of nuclear installations (220 persons).

He has been actively helping EFN since 1997 and is the Vice-President of EFN-International since 2012, and a member of the Scientific Committee of EFN.

He spends half his time in a little house near the beach in Noirmoutiers (on the Atlantic ocean in the south of Britanny) and devotes much of his remaining time to EFN as vice-President and for representing EFN in the CLI's (Commission Locale d'Information) at French nuclear sites, in addition to helping the main office of EFN-INTERNATIONAL.

 arrow GENERAL SECRETARY OF EFN International:

Arthur Darde, general
                        secretary EFNArthur DARDE, graduated from the Ecole Centrale of Paris, works as an expert in the area of energy and environmental protection. His first job as a young engineer was to work for Air Liquide on oxy-combustion, carbon dioxyde sequestration and storage. He currently manages large scale energy conservation projects, optimization of energy performance and sustainable construction projects for Bouygues.

His CV on Linked In :


arrow TREASURER OF EFN International:

Vincent GinocchioVincent GINOCCHIO  is a computer engineer. He is the current treasurer of EFN-INTERNATIONAL.






Jacques FrotJacques FROT

Former executive in the oil industry, specialist of oil prices, fossile energies, and the refining of oil products, is a member of the scientific committee of EFN and the leader of the "GRoup of COMmunicators" (GR COM) of EFN. Still rides his bicycle 10,000 km per year at age 83.



MSc, civil engineer, Doctorate of Engineering from Ruhr University Bochum 1969 (Germany). Sigma Xi Honor Society. He lives in Denver, Colorado. He has been Senior Engineer and Branch Manager at Bechtel Power Corporation, Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation, holding various positions in design, research, licensing, management, environmental clean up for nuclear power plants and Department Of Energy (DOE) facilities. He is a fervent mountain hiker and cyclist. Since 2013 he is the second President of EFN-USA.
He is also the founder and President of  GO NUCLEAR !



Berol RobinsonBerol ROBINSON

Ph.D. in nuclear physics of the Johns Hopkins University, environmentalist, former international civil servant (science officer) at UNESCO. Berol founded EFN-USA in 2003 and remained president of EFN-USA until 2013 when John Shanahan became te new President.




Dominique VignonDominique VIGNON

Now retired, he was the Chairman and CEO of Framatome (now AREVA) from 1996 to 2002. He  has devoted most of his career to the planning, design and construction of Nuclear Power Plants. Inside the French Utility, EDF, he led the unit in charge of the Basic Design of the French nuclear fleet and was involved, as Technical Director of the French-German team, in the design of the European Pressurized Reactor (EPR). He had technical and management positions in numerous nuclear internaitonal projects. He is an international nuclear expert and founding partner of NUC ADVISOR.


Jacques GollionJacques GOLLION, retired, specialist of forest management, is a graduate of the highly respected Ecole Polytechnique (1951) and Transmissions University of Montargis. He is especially keen to promote clean energies for our future. He has spent most of his professional career as chief engineer in developing sodium reactors : Rhapsodie, Phenix and Superphenix in France. He joined EFN shortly after it was created, was very helpful in the early years of EFN's develoment in Europe and remained the treasurer of EFN-INTERNATIONAL until 2013.


  Delphine Plet

Delphine PLET

Graduated from EPF Polytechnic University (photo taken at Sellafield)


Simone WeissSimone WEISS, nurse, formerly an anti-nuclear activist having actively participated in the anti-nuclear protests and marches against Superphenix in the 1970's and 1980's, progressively became pro-nuclear in the 1990's and participated in 1996 in the creation of EFN and in it's development afterwards, as a founding member. She died in 2007.




Michel Lung photoLate Michel LUNG  Master of Science (University of Washington, 1955), graduated from the University of Physics and Chemistry of Bordeaux (1952), with a post-graduate in nuclear and technical sciences (Saclay, 1956), former export manager of SGN, Michel was an excellent chemist and a fervent protector of the environment (he owned vines in Bordeaux from which he made his own organic wine). He designed and built the first nuclear reprocessing plant in Japan (Tokai). Michel was Vice-Secretary of EFN-International and played a great part in helping setting up EFN and spreading the word since the organization was created. He was a fervent supporter of hormesis, fought against the anti-scientific LNT theory and was a cofounder of EFN-USA in 2003. This picture of Michel was taken at Sellafield in the UK in 2006. Michel passed away on December 21st, 2007.


Photo Claire BrazillierMrs. Claire BRAZILLIER

Born in Louisiana, graduate of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce; former marketing manager of Ingram Micro (one of the world leading companies for the distribution of personal computers). Cofounder of EFN-USA in 2003.


Ivana Paukertova GlattIvana PAUKERTOVA-GLATT

Resident of the Czech Republic, especially motivated by the protection of the environment.



Zbigniew JaworowskiLate Zbigniew JAWOROWSKI

Former President of the international UNSCEAR (United Nations Scientific Committee on the Health Effects of Radiation) he was one of the world's top specialists in radiological protection and on the health effects of radiation. A fervent promoter of radiation hormesis, and also an alpinist. One of the best world experts on radiation protection, he passed away on 12 November 2011.

EFN-POLAND 's web site today

Document by Zbigniew Jaworowski on Tchernobyl disaster and LNT

Document by Zbigniew Jaworowski : " Chernobyl, the fear of the unknown "

Document by Zbigniew Jaworowski : " Radiation hormesis, a solution to the fear of radiation "



Brendan Mc NAMARA, a fusion scientist, is the President of EFN-UK.

Stephen Stretton, the previous President of EFN-UK, is a University of Cambridge economist currently working for Goldman Sachs in London. In addition to helping EFN INTERNATIONAL and setting up EFN-UK, he is also a member of several energy and environmental groups.

See EFN-UK's web site here:


Richard McNEALL lives in Cheltenham (NSW). Fervent kayaker, is the President of EFN-AUSTRALIA.



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