Program of activities of EFN

Next Annual Assembly :

The Annual Assembly (general meeting) of the Association of Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy is held every year in the 4th trimester. The Annual Assembly is held in our headquarters (eco-construction) in Houilles near Paris: 55 rue Victor Hugo, 78800 Houilles, France (10 minutes from Paris, accessible by rapid metro, taxi or train).(click here for access instructions and maps). The date of the next Annual Assembly is:

on a Saturday of November or December at 4:00 pm (date yet to be decided, subscribe to the mailing list for free to be informed) - The general assembly will be preceded at 3:00 pm by a meeting of the board of directors and at 4:00 pm by a visit of EFN's eco-house. The exact date of the Annual Assembly will be confirmed with instructions for registration via our mailing list.

All members and correspondents of EFN are kindly invited to join in. To participate in the Annual Assembly, you must be a member of EFN or correspondent of EFN or be invited.

To contact the person in charge of the organization of the Annual Assembly: ag[at] (spam prevention: replace [at] by @ in the e-mail address before sending the message)

Read the: report of the last Annual assembly of EFN (French version - Yahoo translation services)


Some of the participants at the previous General Assembly of EFN (for a large size high definition version click here)

Program of upcoming events:

Last year, EFN has participated to various events and environmental expos totalizing about one million visitors, thereby contributing to spreading useful information on energy and the environment. To contact the person in charge of the events and expos, write to: expos[at] (spam prevention: replace [at] by @ in the e-mail address before sending the message)

The expos, events and lectures are announced via our mailing list.

Please contact us and register as a local correspondent if you wish to help EFN participate and present its activities to the public in your area or to organize EFN lectures or EFN events in your country (you can help us physically at the event locations, or by making a donation).

In these events and expos, EFN proposes :

- general information on nuclear energy and the environment.
- presentation of EFN, its activities, newsletter,
- possibility of meeting local correspondents, directors and members of EFN,

- presentation of the book "Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy" and other EFN documents
- possibility of asking all sorts of questions about energy and the environment.
- possibility of signing in favor of clean nuclear energy.

If you think you can give a hand to help prepare, organize events or present EFN at events, even for just a few hours, you are welcome. Your help is very much welcome. Call us to help organize the events at # +33 1 30 86 00 33 (EFN international at our eco-construction headquarters near Paris) or at (866) 445 0599 (EFN-USA).

To contact the person in charge of EFN expos and events: expos[at] (spam prevention: replace [at] by @ in the e-mail address before sending the message)

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