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Thank you for your interest in our activities. As you know, our association is composed of individuals and does not receive governmental subsidies.

Therefore our work and action relies for an important part on the participation of our individual members and sympathizers, by helping with the many tasks to be done.

Our main activity is to inform the public on nuclear energy and its impact on the environment compared to other sources of energy. We think this should be done in several languages to counter-balance the disinformation of international anti-nuclear groups.

Therefore any contribution consisting in translating some of the literature into a foreign language is welcome and will contribute to inform the public on nuclear energy.

We are particularly interested in developing information in the following regions : North America (USA, Canada), Western Europe (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Switzerland), Northern Europe (Norway, Sweden, Finland), Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukrain, Poland, Russia), Asia (Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, Corea, Malaysia, Indonesia).

All translations of EFN documents will be made available to the public on the internet in the future on the association's web site, and are also distributed in paper form to people not connected to the web, on occasions such as expos, environmental meetings, lectures on nuclear energy, environmental expositions, public events, and mailing of infos to our readers and correspondents throughout the world.

The association's documents are also made available locally in a number of countries and regions by our local correspondents in each country.

As we unfortunately don't speak all languages, and much of our time is quite occupied with the general administrative tasks, gathering information, and the actions of EFN, your contribution, if you wish to do so, in becoming a local correspondent, setting up a local group around you, or in translating part of the EFN documents into your mother language, is very much welcome and will help spread useful knowledge on nuclear energy.

If just a few of our correspondents each translate a few pages, we will rapidly be offering more information on the web in 20 or more languages (vs 15 languages today).

Without your cooperation, this is not possible. With the participation of some of us (we also understand that your time is precious and quite limited), each in his country (a few hours here and there, sitting in front of a computer translating a few pages helps a lot), we can build a strong pro-nuclear environmental group and spread complete and honest information about nuclear energy.

Translations are usually best if done from a foreign language towards the native language of the translator.

If you think you wouldn't have the time or the capacity to work on the translations, but you know someone else who could spare a few moments, you can forward this message.

The only requirements are to understand English more or less (or French, or Italian, or German or Dutch, or Portuguese, or one of the languages in which the information is available), to agree on our objectives, and to have occasionnally some spare time here and there to devote to these translations.

The documents to be translated are the following (click on the pages you wish to see or to translate) :
(if you prefer to translate from the French version, replace "en" by "fr" in the http:// adresses below)

First priority : (menu of EFN) (menu of IBC) (presentation of EFN) (presentation of IBC) (menu of OPT) (presentation of OPT)


Second priority : (membership application form) (number of members of EFN) (petition) (photos) (news and activities) (board of EFN) (copyright) (local correspondents) (mailing list) (media) (write) (donation)


About James Lovelock :


About the IBC and Bruno Comby : (membership application form) (petition) (photos) (news and activities) (board of directors) (copyright) (local correspondents) (mailing list) (media) (livres) (napping) (insects) (smoking) (donation) (non-smoking petition) (napping petition)



About the Optimistic Movement : (membership application form) (petition) (board of directors) (copyright) (local correspondents) (mailing list) (donation)


These pages can be downloaded either by clicking on these links or by entering the web site from the home page and then clicking on the links in the menu to the desired page.

Please note that it is NOT necessary to translate the international home pages with several flags such as : or or
These pages are in English only.

You should first translate the FIRST PRIORITY pages listed above (menu and intro pages), then the pages of the first level of the menu (direct click on the menu list), then the other pages (two or more clicks from the menu).

We don't want to over-stress you, so please understand that you should feel free to work or not on these translations occasionnally, at your rhythm, with no particular obligation.

When you start the translations. First send us one translated page first, so that we can make sure the translating procedure and transmissions are OK, we will then install the translated page, we can both make sure that the installed page is correct, and then you can translate all the other pages using the same method.



A/ always check by clicking on the adequate flag of the main home page that the pages you wish to translate are not already translated, and inform us of the translations you expect to be working on in the future prior to starting the translation process : what documents you expect to translate, and into what language, in order to avoid interferences (translating a text that has already been translated or that someone else is perhaps already translating).

B/ the pages to be translated are to be directly downloaded from the web site in English or from the links above. You are to download the SOURCE DOCUMENT of the pages to be translated, in HTML, format from the web site into your computer. "Download SOURCE document" (or "SAVE THIS PAGE AS" or a similar instruction) is a usual instruction in most web navigating softwares. All you have to do is execute this instruction from the menu in your usual browser while viewing the page you want to download or click anywhere on the page (except on the clickable links and icons) and select the apropriate instruction. This creates a new HTML file on your hard disk containing the active page you are viewing. This HTML file is then to be opened and translated with an HTML editor such as Frontpage (or any other HTML editor).

C/ The translation is to be made directly in HTML-format using your usual HTML software editor. Do NOT use text-only or WORD format because this would destroy the page setup, links and other technical instructions of the page.

D/ If you don't have an HTML editor, such as FRONT PAGE, ADOBE PAGEMILL or CLARIS HOME PAGE, among others, are OK. CLARIS proposes on its web site to download a 30-day trial version of HOMEPAGE 3.0. To download :

Other HTML software can be downloaded (often for free) on the following sites : or : or :
Ask for an HTML EDITOR for your type of computer and download.

By working this way (with an HTML EDITOR), you will avoid retyping the texts, the addresses, destroying the links, etc., of the original document, you will work directly on the original page such as it appears (and will appear once translated) on the internet (WYSIWYG : what you see is what you get). The page setup of the original page will be saved also, and the translated document will be almost ready for us to install on the web without major modifications being necessary.

When there is a link or a change of colors or a change in the type of characters (bold...) or a change of paragraph : do not erase it, place the mouse inside the specified or colored zone or link, type the translation INSIDE the link or colored zone, then AFTER translating inside the zone, erase the original version at both ends.

E/ Do not forget to translate also the hidden title of the document and the hidden key words on each page, which are searched for by the automatic search engines on the internet. This title and these key words can be accessed through the menu of your html software by an instruction such as "document options" or "document headings" or another similar instruction, or by "displaying the code" and translating in the code only the key words of the lines in the top of the document which look like this :
<TITLE>Title of the page in a few words</TITLE>
<META Name="keywords" Content="nuclear, environment, energy, pollution, greenhouse effect, ... , ... ,...">

Of course you should translate only the title "Title of the page in a few words" or the key words "nuclear, environment, energy..." and don't touch the syntax of the code such as : <TITLE> </TITLE> <META Name="keywords" Content=" , etc.

To name of the files and the addresses of the links : keep the same names, but replace the characters en (for english documents) or fr (french) by the abbreviation of your country used by domain names (for example: sp for spanish, cz for czech, jp for japanese, etc.).

The translated files are to be e-mailed to : webmaster[at] (spam prevention: replace [at] by @ in the email before sending it).

Thank you if you think you can help in any way, even just for translating a page or two.

We will check your translations and add them on the association's web site as soon as possible.

Clickable links will be established toward the pages you will have translated from the existing pages

Your translations will then be available on the internet to the public worldwide. This will contribute to inform the visitors in your country.

Thank you again if you can participate in any translation or elsewise.

Our association is composed only of private individuals, we are all volunteers united by the desire to build a better world for the future, and any form of cooperation and help for these translations is welcome.

You may like to use the altavista free and automatic translation service for assistance in the translation process :

After reading this information, you may contact us by e-mail for more information about the translation of the web site (spam prevention: replace [at] by @ in the email before sending it).

Sincerely yours. With best regards.

Bruno COMBY.

President of EFN



55 rue Victor Hugo, F-78800 Houilles, France.
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E-mail: efn[at]

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