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Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy
55 rue Victor Hugo, 78800 Houilles, France
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FIRST STEP : fill out, print and send this page to EFN

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This page can be printed either : 1/ on paper, in this case, fax the paper-printed form to +33 9 55 29 00 22 or 2/ to a PDF file (using ACROBAT WRITER or a similar software), in this case send the PDF file to cz[at]ecolo.org

Sign the printed paper version if you print this page on paper and send it to EFN by fax, or type your name or any alpha-numerical code legally representing your signature, for example : /Peter Smith/ or /psmith8492xfp8902/ into the "signature" zone, if this page is printed to a PDF file and sent to EFN by e-mail.


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Payment by wire transfer (in Euros): send an e-mail to cz[at]ecolo.org (spam prevention: replace [at] by @)asking for instructions concerning payment by electronic wire transfer. You will receive instructions by e-mail.

Payment by cheque (in Euros): send this membership registration form printed on paper by traditional mail with your cheque to : Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy, 55 rue Victor Hugo, 78800 Houilles, France. Cheques are to be denominated in EUROS and to be drawn on a French bank. If your bank is not in France, ask your banker to prepare a cheque drawn on a French bank. Eurocheques are not accepted.

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