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Other interesting links on nuclear energy :

ACR: American College of Radiology -

AECL: Atomic Energy of Canada Limited -

AIP: American Institute of Physics -

ANL: Argonne National Laboratory (USA) -

ANS: American Nuclear Society -

APS: American Physical Society -

AAPM: American Association of Physicists in Medicine -

AREVA: French nuclear energy group from uranium mining to electricity distribution -

ASN - Autorité de Sureté Nucléaire -

BNFL: British Nuclear Fuel Limited -

BNL: Brookhaven National Laboratory (USA) -

CAP: Canadian Association of Physicists -

CASE: Clean And Safe Energy coalition (founded in the U.S. by Patrick Moore) -

CEA: Commissariat ą l'Energie Atomique -

COGEMA: COmpagnie GEnérale des MAtiŹres nucléaires -

CNA: Canadian Nuclear Association, educational, governmental, research and industrial organization concerned with civilian nuclear energy -

CNS: Canadian Nuclear Society, information and education about the beneficial utilization for peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology -

DAtF: Deutsches Atomforum e.V., German nuclear organization -

DOE: U. S. Department of Energy (successor to the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission) -

EDF: Electricité de France, French electric utility; operates the largest fleet of nuclear power plants in the world -

EFN: Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy -

Energy Facts: (in German) -

EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute -

EURATOM: European Atomic Energy Community -

ENS: European Nuclear Society -

FNES (SFEN): French Nuclear Energy Society -

Finnish Energy Industries Federation -

FORATOM: European Atomic Forum -

GA: General Atomics -

IAEA: International Atomic Energy Agency -

ICRP: International Commission on Radiological Protection -

IEA: International Energy Agency (an agency of OECD) -

INF: International Nuclear Forum (Nuclear Energy and Climate Change) -

IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change -

ITER: international project to build the first large fusion experimental reactor -

ITU: Institute for Trans-Uranium Elements -

JAEA: Japan Atomic Energy Agency -

JAIF: Japan Atomic Industry Forum -

LANL: Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) -

LBL: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California (USA) -

LLNL: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA) -

NEA: OECD Nuclear Energy Agency -

NEI: Nuclear Energy Institute (USA), a policy organization of the nuclear energy

industry -

NIA: Nuclear Industry Association (UK) -

NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, (USA) -

NRC: Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USA) -

NRC-CNRC: National Research Council of Canada -

NREL: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (USA) -

NUPEC - Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation (Japan) -

NUSTART: a consortium for new nuclear energy development in the US -

NWMO (Canada): Nuclear Waste Management Organization -

NZAEAC: New Zealand Atomic Energy Advocacy Council -

OECD: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development -

OPG: Ontario Power Generation, operates the Pickering and Darlington Nuclear Power Stations -

ORNL: Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA) -

PBMR: the South African Pebble Bed Modular Reactor company -

PPPL: Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University (USA) -

SFEN: French Nuclear Energy Society -

STC - Save the Climate- in French: Sauvons Le Climat -

SNL: Sandia National Laboratories (USA) -

SONE: Supporters of Nuclear Energy -

STC: Save The Climate -

UIC: Uranium Information Center (Australia) -

UNISTAR: nuclear company developing the EPR in the U.S. (Evolutionary Pressurized Reactor) -

URENCO: provides uranium and stable isotope enrichment services by gas centrifuge process (UK) -

WANO: World Association of Nuclear Operators, WANO unites nuclear electricity operators in the world to facilitate exchange of operating experience - and

WEC: World Energy Council -

WESTINGHOUSE: a BNFL group company -

WIN: Women in Nuclear -

WNA: World Nuclear Association -

WONUC: World Council of Nuclear Workers -


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