Stop the destruction of the Barsebaeck nuclear power plant !

More than everybodyelse, the Swedish government knows that Barsebeack is a safe, economic and modern electricity production plant.

At a time when the international scientific community is highly preoccupied with the coming climate changes, mostly attributable to carbone dioxide emissions, the Swedish government is deliberately chosing to close (and destruct) another nuclear power plant that produces cheap electricity, regularly, and safely. And by deliberately replacing its production by coal-fired power plant generated electricity, as was the case with Barsebeack 1 (because you have no other alternative, and you know it !).

The coming generations, which will suffer from those climate change effects, will severly judge the Swedish government for such an irresponsible decision.

Does the Swedish government want to copy the Danish government, that is proud to produce 10% of its electricity by windmills ?

Whereas the remaining 90% of Danish electricity is generated by coal- or gas-fired power plants, which makes Danemark the worst European country for greenhouse gas production ?

So PLEASE, stop the destruction of Barsebeack nuclear power plant.

Alain de Tonnac, member of EFN