Subject: Taiwan's nuclear reactors submitted to major earthquake

Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 16:26:11 +0000

From: EFN <[email protected]>

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Organization: Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy - efn <[email protected]>


Dear friends of clean nuclear energy,

Tuesday's magnitude 7.3 major earthquake in central Taiwan caused three reactors at Chinshan and Kuosheng in the north of the island to shut down automatically.

Contrary to Greenpeace's repeated expectations and fantasies about the potential danger of earthquakes affecting nuclear power plants, no nuclear accident has occured on this occasion.

The reactors were not even damaged.

After some technical verifications, they were cleared to restart twodays later.

A fourth reactor there was being refuelled.

The two reactors at Maanshan in the south continued operating, but reduced power later due to damage to distribution facilities.

A major concern following the earthquake was how quickly power can be restored to the population.

Source : ENS NucNet news # 377, 380 & 384/99

With best regards,


Bruno Comby

President of EFN