Fatalities per energy source

Energy source
Immediate fatalities
Who dies? Normalised to deaths
per TWy* electricity
Coal 6400 workers 342
Natural gas 1200 workers & public 85
Hydro 4000 public 883
Nuclear 31 workers 8

For more info see detailed paper

* Basis: per million MWe operating for one year, not including plant construction, based on historic data which is unlikely to represent current safety levels in any of the industries concerned (as safety has increased in the recent years in all areas).

Source: Ball, Roberts & Simpson, Research Report #20, Centre for Environmental & Risk Management, University of East Anglia, 1994; Hirschberg et al, Paul Scherrer Institut, 1996; in: IAEA, Sustainable Development and Nuclear Power , 1997; Severe Accidents in the Energy Sector , Paul Scherrer Institut, 2001).


Presentation by BENE 2007 - adapted by EFN - Environmentalists For Nuclear - www.ecolo.org