ON SEPTEMBER 12th, 2002


My name is Michel Lung. I represent EFN, The association of ENVIRONMENTALISTS FOR NUCLEAR ENERGY, which has over 5000 members and supporters in 43 countries.

EFN, as all of you are aware, is much in favour of clean renewable energies. The world and especially the develping countries require large amounts of energy, and therefore no clean source of energy should be turned down. However, given the unreliable and diluted character of these renewable energies, EFN is of the opinion that it is necessary to provide to the public a reliable, safe, clean, economical energy in large quantities.

This is particularly important for the developed countries, as well as for developing countries in the course of their modernisation, which will need large amounts of energy, as it appears from the Johannesburg Conference.

EFN therefore is in favour of civilian nuclear energy as long as it is well-designed, well-built and well-operated, as it has been demonstrated in our countries.

EFN in this context is in favour of the Euratom Treaty and is of the opinion that it has well fulfilled its role, especially in permitting loans to countries of Eastern Europe in order to modernise their equipment and to increase safety culture.

EFN however recognizes that the Treaty, as it stands, would need to be refurbished. We believe that this can take place within the framework of the Convention for a European Constitution.

Indeed, the result of our discussions at this conference and at the moment bears a risk of lacking the necessary impartial, objective state of minds, in view of too passionate attitudes today, for or against nuclear energy. We believe that it would not be productive to change the EURATOM Treaty today and too quickly.

As a consequence, EFN is for the status quo for a little more time as regards the Euratom Treaty, and it could be refurbished in the future, in the framework of the Convention for a European Constitution, but there is no reason to hurry too much.

Thank you.