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November 18th, 2010

Visit of EFN's Eco-House at 4:00 PM followed by the Annual Meeting of EFN and EFN-USA, on Saturday 11th December 2010 at 5:00 PM

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Dear friends of clean nuclear energy,


Saturday 11th December 2010 at 5:00 PM
after a
meeting of the Board of Directors of EFN at 3:00 PM
and the visit of
EFN's eco-house at 4:00 PM
at 55 rue Victor Hugo, 78800 Houilles, France
Click here for maps and instructions on how to come

The Annual Meeting will take place in Houilles, which is located only 15 minutes from Paris by public transportation. It is possible to come from downtown Paris by train (St Lazare station) or rapid metro RER (line A, 15 minutes from Charles de Gaulle - Etoile).

All members and correspondents of EFN and EFN-USA are kindly invited to participate in this Annual Meeting. All dues-paying members with a valid membership can take part in the votes or send a proxy for the decisions concerning the future of EFN (and/or EFN-USA).

To become a member or to update your membership:
http://www.ecolo.org/subscri/subscrien.htm (for EFN)
http://www.ecolo.org/subscri/subscrius.htm (for EFN-USA).

Only dues-paying members (that is: sympathizing, active and donating members) are allowed to vote. If they cannot be present in person, they have the possibility of sending a proxy to be represented, for votes and decisions, by another sympathizing, active or donating member of the organization.

The meeting will last until 8:00 PM and will be followed by an informal buffet until 10:00 PM.

The discussions will cover the following topics:

- Review of the year's activities and substantive report by the Presidents of EFN and EFN-USA.
- Membership statistics and growth of the association: current number of
members and supporters of EFN
- Election of the Board of Directors of
EFN and of EFN-USA.
- Financial report for the past year.
- The local correspondents of EFN.
- The Communication Group (Gr COM) and lectures given by EFN.
EFN-USA: EFN in the United States.
EFN-CANADA: EFN in Canada.
EFN-AUSTRALIA: EFN in Australia.
Mailing lists of EFN.
- The
web site.
- EFN in the Media.
- Subcommittees of EFN.
- Orientations and priorities for the coming year.

This event is a great occasion to meet other members and correspondents, share your experience, ask questions, have a pleasant evening, discuss about EFN's activities, and prepare its orientations for the future.

The participation in the Annual Meeting, and the ecological buffet which follows are entirely GRATIS. The buffet will offer a variety of fresh fruits, salads, and healthy foods (including French wine). Participants are invited to bring an edible contribution to the buffet.

Click here to confirm your participation by e-mail if you intend to participate in this Annual Meeting (spam prevention: replace [at] by @ in the email destination).

Click here to confirm your participation by fax if you intend to participate in this Annual Meeting

Click here to send your proxy if you cannot attend the Annual Meeting, for dues-paying members (sympathizing, active and benefactor members).

If you are not a dues-paying member and if you want to participate in this Annual Meeting: you are cordially invited to join the meeting, but you will not be authorized to take part in the votes and decisions. To participate in the Meeting, you need to be at least a supporting member (that is, to agree with EFN's goals).

If you are not a dues-paying member of EFN or EFN-USA, and you will not participate in this Annual Meeting: there is no need to confirm that you are not coming.

To the attention of the Board of Directors of EFN and of EFN-USA:
The ANNUAL MEETING will be preceded at 3:00 PM, by a meeting of the Board of Directors of EFN and of EFN-USA, to discuss: 1/ current actions of EFN and EFN-USA, 2/ acceptance of new members since the last meeting of the Board of Directors, 3/ preparation of the ANNUAL MEETING which will follow immediately.

The association has continued to grow rapidly this year, and our action is developing in an increasing number of countries. EFN now gathers 10 000 members and supporters in 60 countries.

Many thanks to the volunteers who help us accomplish our task of informing the public about energy and the environment, in various countries.

The ANNUAL MEETING will be held partly in English (for members of EFN-USA) and partly in French (for French speaking members of members of EFN).

To take part in the votes, do not forget to subscribe or to update your membership:

http://www.ecolo.org/subscri/subscrien.htm (for EFN)(dues and donation to EFN give a right to a tax credit in France amounting to 66% of the amount donated)
http://www.ecolo.org/subscri/subscrius.htm (for EFN-USA)(dues and donations to EFN-USA are 501(c)(3) tax deductible in the United States)

EFN was created in 1996 as an international organization in France, and now has incorporated branches active in various countries including Canada EFN-CANADA, the United States EFN-USA, Australia EFN-AUSTRALIA and several other countries.

Nuclear energy is deploying actively in numerous countries in response to the energy crisis, and also as a result of EFN's work of informing the public and politicians in key-countries about the benefits of clean nuclear energy since 15 years.

EFN NEEDS YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT : to inform the public, journalists and politicians about the many environmental benefits of nuclear energy, we need volunteers, donations, and useful contacts to create new branches in as many regions and countries as possible.

Please let us know if you (or friends or colleagues around you) are willing to take an active part.

All contributions are welcome : you can help with the secretariate, web site, translations, newsletters, press-communication, for recruiting new members, distributing leaflets in your local area, organizing events, participating in public hearings, giving lectures in the name of EFN or other responsibilities.

To take an active role in the development of EFN-USA, email : efn-usa[at]ecolo.org
To take an active role in the development of EFN-CANADA, email : efn-canada[at]ecolo.org
To take an active role in the development of EFN-AUSTRALIA, email : efn-australia[at]ecolo.org


Yours sincerely, 



Bruno Comby.

President of EFN
Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy (International)


President of EFN-USA
Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy, Inc.    




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